Lancaster Montessori

About Us

Lancaster Montessori Preschool, was started by a visionary woman, that wanted to provide children in the Antelope Valley with an exceptional education. Based on the worldwide famous Montessori Method, our school feature a perfect combination of Kindergarten and Preschool students. This provides academics with a clear and consistent curricullum, as well as activities to create well-rounded children.

In addition, the school instill manners, social skills, and an appreciation for art and music in each and every child. The Montessori Method focuses on the uniquness of each child and allows them to use their curiousity to discover the world around them. The child’s five senses are incorporated into the learning process, and self-correcting materials allow children to learn independently with the direction and guidance of qualified teachers.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

We strengthen the local families by ensuring that our children—the youngest we protect, provide, and care for—have the opportunity to grow, learn, and flourish. The community is impacted at large on the long term. Lancaster Montessori is a pioneer in this area, and we received many accolades from parents, city leaders and people at large. We take pride in providing the most excellent curriculum to our students and above all… WE CARE!





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